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Bainbridge Scuba Center offers a 27 acre spring-fed lake. It is the former Billmeyer limestone quarry. Bouys mark the many underwater attractions and there is plenty of wildlife underwater. There are even entire trees still standing, frozen in time. Depth goes to 120' at it's deepest point. The water in the quarry filters through the limestone bed providing 20'-50' + visibility dependent upon time of year.

A quick 30 minute drive from Scuba Central PA, we dive at BSC just about every weekend, all year long, for fun or with classes. During the summer months we dive here on Wednesday evenings as well as on the weekends.  We even dive here under the ice in the winter (Ice Diving Certification required).  If you'd like to dive you can always contact the shop to see who is diving this coming weekend.

dive shopsIf you're not familiar with the quarry at BSC and would like a personal underwater tour, just let us know. We'll be happy to dive with you and show you around. Call the shop at  (717) 793-2654. 

You can get more info about the quarry, its grounds and history by visiting their website: www.divebsc.com





TRAINING: No matter whether we're diving for fun or for training purposes, we find the quarry at Bainbridge to be the perfect environment to teach, practice or just enjoy being in the water. As well we should... almost all of the most experienced members of Scuba Central PA have had a hand in installing some of the attractions and training platforms in the quarry.

When it comes to training, the limestone quarry at Bainbridge offers a variety of training environments all in one place complete with training platforms at multiple depths. From your Open Water Certification to your Rescue Diver Cert, Drysuit Cert, Ice Diver Cert or any other PADI or SDI/TDI certification offered by Scuba Central PA, the quarry at Bainbridge presents the opportunity for every student diver to become a skilled diver.

EXPERIENCE: Diving the quarry here affords any diver, regardless of certification level, the ability to maintain and improve their skills. Or, at the very least, the chance to get some dives under their belt. Also, in addition to racking up some bottom time, diving at the quarry offers divers the ability to get acquainted with new gear or accessories in preparation for that next big trip. Any experienced diver knows that a little preparation goes a long way.

So if you're not already familiar with the quarry, what are you waiting for? Call or stop by the shop! We'll be happy to arrange a personal underwater tour for you or you can find out who is diving this coming weekend. There is always a group meeting there on the weekends. You can also join us for a relaxing evening of diving on Wednesday evenings during the summer months too. See you there!


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