scubaDutch Springs is a 50-acre lake, with a multitude of underwater attractions. Maximum depth is approximately 100 feet. Like the quarry at Bainbridge Scuba Center, the lake is spring-fed from an underground aquifer that filters through limestone to provide excellent visibility. "Dutch" is about a 2 hour drive from Scuba Central PA.

For those in your family that are not divers, Dutch Springs offers more than diving. There is an Aqua Park, Camping and other attractions and amenities. Hours and attraction availability vary by season. For more detailed information about the park, attractions, hours and rates you can visit their website at www.dutchsprings.com



scuba central paThis is one of our favorite dive destinations. Located in Morehead City, NC... we make at least 2 weekend trips per year to dive with Olympus. This trip is an 8-9 Hour drive from Scuba Central PA.

Join us for some of the most amazing diving that the east coast has to offer. These trips offer diving on a seemingly endless number of shipwrecks, including the historic U352. This WWII German submarine was sunk off the coast of Morehead City, NC on May 9, 1942. It was sunk by depth charges from the U.S. Coast Guard cutter USCGC Icarus.

While enjoying the spectacular wreck diving you'll also get to spend your bottom time face-to-face with an interesting mix of local wildlife including barracuda as well as the local Sand Tiger Shark population.

Olympus offers a number of different types of charter diving. They are also a full service dive shop so they can take care of anything you might need while you're diving with them.

Call or stop by the shop with any questions about these trips. You can also check out THIS PAGE to see when our next excursion is. Get a glimpse of one of our trips on YouTube HERE. For more information about Olympus Dive Center, check out their website at www.olympusdiving.com




oyster divingDo you love fresh seafood? Oysters in particular? Well you'll never have fresher oysters than if you went oyster diving yourself! Join the oyster junkies in our diving community on one of our oyster dives in the upper Chesapeake Bay.

Thanks to Scuba Central's own JB... we offer at least 2 trips to Kent Island, MD each year. Don't miss your chance to enjoy the freshest oysters you'll ever eat!

These day trips take place on Saturdays after the opening day of Oyster Season, October first. The first trip usually takes place on the first Saturday in October. Additional trips take place in the remainder of October, during November or December.

THE PLAN: We leave York around 5 a.m. and make a breakfast stop along the way. We are usually on the boat and ready to launch by 7-7:30. The boat captain takes us out to the chosen oyster beds for that day and then we hit the water! Once in the water, we continue diving until everyone on board has their limit in oysters - 1 bushel per person.

Once we make it back to shore, we unload the boat, pack up the gear and oysters. On our way out we make a quick stop for ice for the critters and then get on the road. We sometimes stop for a meal on the way home. We're usually back in York by approximately 3 pm.




wreck divingWe've been diving with this outfit for a long time. Thousand Island Pleasure Diving has four well equipped boats dedicated to providing you with a fun, safe, and comfortable diving experience. These guys are the leading dive charter in the the Thousand Island and St. Lawrence region. They know their way around.

The guys at TIPD have decades of experience cruising the rivers as well as years of diving experience. This allows their crew to make sure we always have a great experience with them.

These trips offer you some of the best fresh water wreck diving within several hours of home. Staying at the Boathouse Country Inn in Rockport, we have breakfast at the hotel each morning. The boat will come to pick us up at the well maintained docks behind the hotel. We then spend the next several hours cruising and diving the Thousand Islands.

Since this trip takes us outside the country you will need a passport. If you reserve yourself a spot on the trip you will also need to visit their website to register your passport. This is done so that TIPD can provide Customs with an accurate list of all those that will be diving with them. This is very simple and only take s a minute to do. For more info on this or anything about TIPD, check out their website.

We usually offer a few of these trips per year. We typically leave York on Friday morning and head back home on Sunday immediately after returning from diving. On some occasions, if the opportunity presents itself and there is enough interest,  we'll plan these trips over some of the long summer holiday weekends.  So don't miss the opportunity to get in on some of the best, easily accessible fresh water wreck diving so close to home.




wreck divingAnother of our favorites, The John Jack is a 50+ foot USCG Inspected Passenger Vessel. It is one of the newest and fastest boats in the New York and New Jersey area. The John Jack provides a safe, full-service dive charter for divers of all ages and abilities.

The John Jack hits dozens of shipwrecks on the NJ, NY, and DE coastlines that are suitable for recreational divers that have their Advanced Open Water Certification. These guys also like to visit deeper shipwrecks, like the Andrea Doria and the U-869. The deeper wrecks are for those more adventurous divers that have earned their advanced technical certification.

For more information about other types of trips offered by The John Jack, check out their website at www.john-jack.com