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It doesn't matter if you plan on diving in lakes, quarries, rivers or the oceans of the world; warm or cold water... your dive gear is your ticket to safely and comfortably enjoying all of your underwater adventures.  We have the quality gear you're looking for! 

Scuba Central PA is proud to offer the best scuba gear and accessories from many of the most trusted, innovative manufacturers in the diving industry today.  We're also happy provide complete maintenance and repair services for all your equipment.

Come by the shop and check out our selection of scuba diving equipment, accessories and apparel. If there's something you're looking for but don't see, just ask one of the staff members and they'll be happy to help you get what your looking for.


scuba diving regulators

Apeks Marine Equipment in the UK began designing and building scuba diving regulators over 35 years ago. Their products have since become the benchmark for quality, dependability and versatility in the scuba industry.

Apeks regulators are tested by the world's leading performance authorities and have been the winner of many coveted industry awards. We are particularly proud to offer their products as well as to service them for you. Learn more about Apeks.


scuba equipment

In 1943 scuba diving's founding fathers, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Émile Gagnan developed and perfected the "Aqua-Lung", the world's first SCUBA unit. In 1946 Mr. Gagnan began the company called Aqua Lung and introduced the world to scuba diving.

The company still shows an adventurous spirit and enthusiasm for diving by building some of the world's best professional and recreational scuba diving gear and accessories. For more company or product info, visit Aqua Lung.


Oceanic scuba diving gear

Another line of great dive gear! This manufacturer's diving gear is a leading seller in over 600 scuba gear retailers across the US and is sold through more than 25 international distributors around the world.

To stay on top of their design and production process and ensure top quality, Oceanic one of the only scuba equipment manufacturer's that designs, develops, builds and tests almost all of their products in their own facilities. Head over to Oceanic's website for more info about them and their products.


scuba tanks

Formed in 2004, Blue Steel has been dedicated to the scuba diving community. Its parent companies (Faber & Kaplan) have over 80 years of combined experience in the production of seamless high pressure steel cylinders.

Today their cylinders continue to demonstrate the highest quality craftsmanship serving the global industrial, medical, beverage, fire fighting and scuba diving industries. For more info about them visit Blue Steel.


exposure protection for scuba diving

No matter what type of water sport your into, Lavacore garments are a great choice for exposure protection. They're designed to be neutrally buoyant while providing the highest level of thermal protection and non-constrictive flexibility; an excellent combination. This makes them perfect insulation under a wetsuit. For more product info visit Lavacore.

scuba gear

Designed and built here in the United States, Hollis allows us to offer you a great selection of high quality, dependable scuba diving equipment for the beginning sport diver to the adventurous technical diver.

Hollis brings innovation and engineering experience to the table in the design and construction of their dive gear. Visit Hollis to check out all of their products.


diving equipment

Since 1981 DEEP SEE, a division of Aqua Lung, built and continually improves it's reputation by designing and building some of the best scuba diving boots and gloves available on the market.

Since then, they have become the #1 provider of boots and gloves for the global diving community. They have also come to offer other gear and accessories. For more info visit DEEP SEE.


scuba diving drysuits

Based in Poland, Santi came out with their first prototype drysuit in 2001. Since then they have become a global force in the production of high quality drysuits, drysuit accessories and other dive related gear and apparel for sport and commercial divers.

They also offer a line of special innovative items including drysuits specifically designed for women and advanced forms of thermal protection; heating systems to be worn under your drysuit. Go and visit Santi Diving Equipment for more on their continued advancements in diving technology.


scuba drysuits

Manufacturing drysuits since 1983, OS SYSTEMS has become the leading manufacturer of light weight, high performance fabric drysuits for sport, military and commercial diving.

Each individual drysuit is made right here in the United states according the measurements that we provide them. We also offer their high quality thermal wear and other drysuit related accessories. Check out OS Systems for more information about their drysuits and other gear.


scuba weights and cylinders

Sea Pearls is a leading manufacturer of weights and weight systems (belts and soft weights) for scuba diving purposes.

They also manufacture cylinders, valves (single or manifolds for twin tank set ups) and other tank accessories and tools. Check out the Sea Pearls website for more specific details on their products.